Modern diagnostic techniques are playing an increasingly important role in healing and health maintenance. Timely and accurate diagnosis of digestive problems can lead to successful treatment, and timely testing and treatment can prevent many - even fatal - diseases.

Some patients have limited or delayed access to appropriate gastroenterology treatment within the public health system, and hospitals and clinics are unable to meet patients' increasingly demanding expectations amidst constant cuts.

The Endomedix Diagnostic Centres was established to provide our patients with excellent professionals, state-of-the-art equipment, discreet, relaxed and comfortable conditions, flexible schedules, and accurate and rapid diagnosis and treatment as an alternative to the public health care system.

Today, Endomedix is the country's leading gastroenterology network, with centres in many parts of the country.

Therefore choose the


10 locations in the country

Endomedix is the country's leading private endoscopy network, with medical centres in 10 cities across the country: Budapest XIII., Debrecen, Dombóvár, Győr, Gyula, Miskolc, Siófok, Szolnok, Veszprém, Mohács (blood collection point)

Specialist in gastroenterology

Endomedix is a private medical provider specialised in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases - more than a thousand patients a year a mirror examination we do.

Exceptional team of specialists

Our medical team is made up of highly respected doctors, with more than thirty in our centre Specialist in gastroenterology we employ.

Real anaesthesia

We carry out a significant number of gastroscopies and colonoscopies under anaesthesia, which are performed under the supervision of a specialist anaesthetist in deep sedation with propofol, instead of the superficial anaesthesia used elsewhere, to ensure real pain relief.

Excellent tools and infrastructure

We strive for the highest possible level of technology, with all our centres using state-of-the-art FUJINON video colonoscopes. Our Budapest and Miskolc centres have recently been renewed, new centres will be opened in Dombóvár at the end of 2022 and in Szolnok in February 2023.

Short waiting lists

Gastroscopy up to 24, Colonoscopy up to 48 hours, under anaesthesia if required.


a wide range of

In addition to painless gastroscopy and colonoscopy under general anaesthesia, we offer a wide range of other services, such as consultations and a variety of screenings and diagnostic tests.

Mirror images

under anaesthesia

A painless gastroscopy and colonoscopy under anaesthesia with short appointment times.

Gastroscopy and


Gastroscopy and colonoscopy, even painlessly under anaesthesia.

Food intolerance


As the country's leading provider, we carry out around 600 food intolerance tests a year in 10 locations across the country.

Laboratory tests

A wide range of laboratory tests are available at some of our centres.

Helicobacter screening

In some of our centres, we screen for helicobacter pylori using the C14 helicobacter test.


Consultations with gastroenterologists, paediatric gastroenterologists, surgeons, internists, dieticians, diabetologists and oncologists.



Consult with our dietician experts for a personalised, healthy diet.



At our Budapest centre you can have a wide range of tests performed by our oncologist/haematologist.


As the country's leading provider, we carry out around 600 food intolerance tests a year in 10 locations across the country.

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Budapest, debrecen, dombóvári, Miskolc, szolnoki and Veszprém you can make an appointment at our centre on working days, Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00 by calling (1) 413-2500 or online - some examinations can be booked by appointment! for Győr, Gyula, Sofia and for Mohács you can register by calling our local colleagues at our centre. Too complicated? See phone book or request a callback!

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