Anaesthesia tests

As a private medical provider specialised in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases, we perform more than a thousand of mirror examinations - colonoscopies and gastroscopies - at Endomedix every year. Many of these examinations are performed under general anaesthesia.

Even with the greatest care and the best equipment, gastroscopy and colonoscopy can still involve inconvenience, pains for the patient.

Mirrors under anaesthesia are not only pain freebut the patient at all you will not live the discomfort of the test, and then wake up quickly with a clear conscience when the tests are finished.

Propofol deep sleep

Instead of the superficial stunning used in many places, Endomedix uses the so-called "anaesthesia", which provides real pain relief. deep sedation with propofol under the supervision of a specialist anaesthetist, with the full range of equipment needed for such procedures. Tip: meet our leading anaesthesiologist for a day!

Our anaesthesia tests

Gastroscopy by anaesthesia

A gentler version of gastroscopy is gastroscopy under anaesthesia, where the patient under anaesthesia does not experience the discomfort of the examination.

Colonoscopy under anaesthesia

The aim of colonoscopy is to detect and treat lesions inside the bowel. Colonoscopies are uncomfortable examinations, so it is recommended that they be performed under general anaesthesia.

Gastric and colonoscopy under anaesthesia

In the case of gastroscopy and colonoscopy under anaesthesia, these two examinations are carried out at the same time, or more precisely, immediately after each other, and under general anaesthesia.

Short colonoscopy under anaesthesia

During a short colonoscopy under general anaesthesia - sigmoidoscopy - the lower rectum and colon are examined.

Our anaesthesia tests: locations and prices

Our anaesthesia tests are carried out at the following Endomedix centres, at the prices indicated here:


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Colonoscopy under anaesthesia

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