Endoscopic examinations
without pain:
Capsule endoscopy

No more stomach cramps when it comes to mirroring. Capsule endoscopy is a revolutionary new procedure where you just swallow a camera the size of a 'vitamin capsule', whose images are evaluated by our gastroenterologists, aided by artificial intelligence.

This is easy to digest:

What makes the study really special

It is one of the most advanced medical technology systems in the world and has many advantages:

  • the patient can see what is happening on the display during the examination
  • wireless, no need for chest pads
  • the patient can go home, work and live freely during the trial

Artificial intelligence-assisted recording evaluation


Based on the experience of thousands of studies

When and for whom is it recommended?

For those patients, who have a family history of colon cancer, prone to colon cancer polypus, but they have no complaints.

For all individuals who wish to have a colonoscopy, but fears the inconvenience, such as intestinal distension or from anaesthesia.

Large intestine mucosal lesions, to diagnose tumours (e.g. inflammation, ulcers, polyps) that can cause abdominal pain, bloating.

If a patient you would rather not have a colonoscopy, unless there is a good reason for the test, but it is definitely recommended for him, given his age.

For anyone with small bowel mucosal lesions (e.g. inflammation, ulcers, polyps) you need to diagnose.

Small intestine tumours to diagnose.

Anaemia to find out the cause, if the stomach and colon examination found no abnormalities.

Control tests for known small bowel diseases (e.g. small bowel Crohn's disease).

When is it not recommended?

Justified or arising gastric or intestinal obstruction, gastrointestinal abnormalities, stricture, perforation or sipoly in the case of.

Serious liver, kidney, lung or heart disease, nervous system or mental illness, cancer in the case of.

If you have implanted pacemaker, defibrillator.

Not recommended Pregnancy and/or breastfeeding during.

Where other test (e.g. CT, MR scan) raises the possibility of colonic lesions, we recommend the traditional endoscopic examination!

AIDS or hormonal disease or in the case of any pathological condition, which would make lining preparation risky.

Difficulty swallowing, acute inflammatory bowel disease and serious anaemia in the case of.

Not recommended for multiple abdominal operations, certified intestinal adhesions After

Our prices

Small bowel capsule endoscopy

Services available in all our practices.

269.000 Ft

Colon-capsule endoscopy

Services available in all our practices.

329.000 Ft

The capsule endoscopy examination procedure


The examining doctor will assess the patient's suitability and talk through the lining preparation and capsule endoscopy process with the patient.


The patient must follow a special diet and drink a preparatory liquid in the days before the test.


The patient swallows the capsule and puts on a belt. The test is done in the morning and you have to come back in the afternoon. At this time we will take off the belt with the data on it.


The patient receives the result of the capsule endoscopy in electronic form. In all cases, we recommend that you contact your doctor with the results.

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