Microbiome Testing

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You can make appointments at our centres in Budapest, Debrecen, Dombóvár, Miskolc, Szolnok and Veszprém on working days, Monday to Friday between 09:00-17:00 by calling (1) 413-2500 or online - some examinations can be booked by appointment! For our centres in Győr, Gyula, Siófok and Mohács, you can make an appointment by phone with your local colleague. Too complicated? See phone book or request a call back!

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Settlement also to a health fund account

The fee for the examination can of course also be charged to your health insurance account - our colleagues will be happy to provide you with more details. Visit You can find a list of health insurance providers affiliated with Endomedix here.

For more details, please contact us (+36 1 413 2500) or contact us online.