Will the test hurt?

One of the most common questions our patients ask when having a gastrointestinal examination is whether it will hurt. Is an ultrasound scan painful? Do X-rays, CT scans, MRIs hurt? Do diagnostic tests in gastroenterology hurt? Is a gastroscopy painful? Is colonoscopy painful? Amongst these tests, we distinguish between imaging, direct and indirect diagnostic tests and instrumental tests. The best known imaging techniques are [...]

How long will the test take?

Gastroscopy: the examination itself usually takes 5-10 minutes, but of course it depends on what lesions your doctor finds and what kind of therapeutic intervention is needed. Important: at our centres, gastroscopy can be performed under general anaesthesia, eliminating any discomfort and possible pain. Colonoscopy: the examination usually takes between 15 and 40 minutes, depending on what the examiner finds.

When will I recover?

This is one of the most obvious questions asked by patients, but also one of the most difficult to answer from a doctor's point of view. The duration of recovery depends on many factors. It depends on the type of disease, the treatment options, the relationship between the patient and the doctor, the patient's discipline, the time of recognition of the disease, the options for treatment, whether it is symptomatic or not. Some diseases are easy, even [...]

How much does a test cost?

The prices of our gastroenterology tests may vary from city to city. Please click on the name of the city where you would like to have the tests performed - you will find a detailed price list for the centre in the description! Gastroenterology centres are located in the following cities.

Gastroscopy in narcotization ?

Gastroscopy is a somewhat unpleasant test. At Endomedix Gastroenterology Centres, you can request the examination under general anaesthesia, sparing you any possible discomfort and pain. It is important to note that, unlike many other private endoscopy providers, we do not perform our scans under anaesthesia, which is an outdated method, but we use a deep propofol sedation, which in our experience is the only way to ensure painlessness for the entire duration of the scan. [...]

How is the anaesthetic test done?

In our country, many patients with digestive problems put off an examination because they fear the inconvenience of endoscopic examinations. But there is a solution. But isn't anaesthesia dangerous? What is the difference between anaesthesia and sedation? We talked to renowned experts about this.

What is the symptom, complaint?

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can cause a wide variety of complaints and symptoms, none of which are really disease-specific. In detailing the symptoms/complaints, it is worth highlighting the so-called alarm symptoms, which should be followed up immediately by seeking medical attention, as they may be the cause of serious and even life-threatening conditions. These include: loss of appetite, weight loss, vomiting, chest pain, bloody stools, vomiting of blood, difficulty swallowing, swallowing pain, [...]

What could be wrong with me?

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can cause a wide variety of complaints and symptoms, none of which are really disease-specific. Assessing symptoms and complaints is a medical task, but knowing them can help to detect a disease early. Symptoms/complaints of diseases of specific organs.

How long do I have to wait for the test?

This can vary from 1 to 14 days, depending on the diagnostic centre and the doctor. You will be kept up to date on the situation. Please call us for more details or book an appointment now!