Microbiome test your home from the comfort of your home

A healthy gut flora (gut microbiome) is the foundation of your well-being, and you can start by analysing it from your own toilet. It's convenient, quick and completely discreet.

Endobiom - Microbiome Testing

Test your gut flora from the comfort of your home with clear and easy-to-follow instructions. The kit contains everything you need to
needed to test the microbiome. We will send you the results and recommendations in Hungarian after the laboratory analysis.

119 000 Ft

  • Once the results are available, our colleagues will be in touch to arrange an appointment for a consultation.

  • Follow its transformation for a year. All tests 30% with discount.

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Better to be safe than sorry

immune system

Strong immune system

Healthy gut flora
the driving force behind its day-to-day operations.


Mental health

The microbiomes in your digestive tract also affect your brain function.


(Equal) weight

Suboptimal gut flora
household can lead to significant weight problems.


Fitness & Energy

The gut flora microbiome of your energy factory workers. If they get the wrong nutrients, the plant "slows down".


The health of your skin

The state of your gut flora is already visible on your skin, which is why it's important to have a microbiome test.

Some conditions when you may want to be tested




Type 2 diabetes


Insulin resistance


Sleep disorders


Mood disorders


Dermatological diseases


Inflammatory bowel disease


Cardiovascular diseases


Neurodegenerative diseases

Where you might have heard of us

It's so simple that they could take a sample

Your stool will be checked by our lab partner, all you have to do is send us the sample following the steps below:

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The Endobiom package includes an analysis kit with instructions, a sample container with preservative liquid, a stool collector and a pre-paid return envelope.

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Use the guide to collect
a stool sample in your home. Once this is done, send it back to us in the prepaid envelope.

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The submitted sample will be verified by next-generation DNA sequencing by colleagues at the Medical University of Vienna.

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You will receive the evaluation in a personalised PDF document to the email address you have provided.

Before you decide

Disruption of the intestinal flora may have similar symptoms to other gastroenterological diseases. If you are not sure that something else is the problem, we recommend that you consult our doctors first.


And after the examination, be sure to consult a dietitian or gastroenterologist, as you need medical insight to incorporate a therapy into your life.

All you need is a sample and we'll tell you what kind of person you are

There is a saying: you are what you eat. Every person is different, so everyone has a different microbiome. And a gut flora test can tell you who you are and how you should live by identifying nearly 1,500 bacteria.

Our microbiome specialists

Dr. Krisztina Szabó

Gastroenterology and internal medicine

Endomedix Debrecen & online consultation

Dr. Boglárka Suga

Gastroenterologist specialist

Endomedix Budapest & online consultation

Fanni Szandavári


Endomedix Budapest XIII & online consultation

ISO compliance:

The gut microbiome in 95% is composed of gut bacteria. These bacteria play a crucial role in how we feel and how healthy we are. They train the immune system from birth and have a profound influence on the development of many serious diseases, such as irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, diabetes, obesity, Parkinson's disease and even colon cancer. The Endobiom gut microbiome analysis is a lifestyle product from Endomedix, which uses the latest technologies, intelligent algorithms and the latest scientific publications to produce the microbiome report. Endobiom Analysis is the only microbiome product worldwide to be double certified according to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 in collaboration with the Medical University of Vienna and its partners.

This is crucial and indicates the quality of the analysis. To ensure product safety, Endomedix has quality management systems in place that meet the relevant requirements and optimises processes to avoid or minimise risks and errors. ISO 13485 regulates the requirements for quality management systems for medical device manufacturers to ensure high standards in the development, manufacture and distribution of medical devices. ISO 9001 guarantees the continuous improvement of the product and its protection. The innovation of Endobiom Analysis is a unique combination of next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) and a growing knowledge base on the interaction of the microbiome and the human organism.