Budapest XIII. Gastroenterology Centre

In our Endomedix Diagnostic Centre in the XIII. district of Budapest we provide our patients with complex gastroenterological examinations.
In our new Budapest centre, opened in January 2014, we provide specialist gastroenterology care for all our patients with new equipment, well-known specialists, and a flexible schedule, and outside of normal working hours.

On this page you can find out more about our centre and scroll down the page to find out about our services and our medical colleagues, who you can make an appointment with by clicking on the "Book" button.

Of course you can also reach us by phone during working hours at. (1) 413-2500 (reservation) and (1) 413-2503 (reception).

Please note that in order to ensure continuity of patient care, we will charge you a booking fee for mirror examinations at the time of booking, which will be deducted from the total examination fee at the time of the examination, so the final amount of the examination will be as indicated in the price list. If you are forced to cancel your booking within 3 working days or 5 working days in the case of anaesthesia, we will not be able to refund the booking fee. In case you cancel your booking before the indicated time limits, we will refund your booking fee.

Contact us

1139 Budapest Esztergomi út 66.
The building, Ground floor 3.
Dagály Sétány Apartment Building


GPS: (47.538704, 19.065863)
Reservation: 06-1-413-2500
Reception: 06-1-413-2503


Our centre is located in a new condominium building - Dagály Sétány - whose address - Esztergomi út 66. - is unfortunately not available in all GPS. In such cases, it is advisable to enter the number 9 Dagály utca (Szabó Ervin Library). Our diagnostic centre is located at the end of the parking lot next to the library, on the ground floor of the apartment building.Please note: parking is subject to a fee from 8:00 am to 20:00 pm, parking zone number: 0138

Our centre in pictures

In 2014, our headquarters moved to a brand new, much more spacious location. Click on the pictures to see our Budapest headquarters!

Our services, doctors and fees

Below you can see the services we offer and the doctors who work here. You can make an appointment for any examination or to see a doctor by clicking here, or the (1) 413-2500 phone number. Get to know our funding opportunities

Budapest XIII. Gastroenterology Centre- Services / Prices



ECG (12 leads)
5 000 Ft
Prescribing advice
From 14 000 Ft
Polyp removal
From 9 000 Ft
Pathological assessment of tissue engineering
From 20 000 Ft
Specialist assessment of histopathological results
18 000 Ft
Tus mark
From HUF 30 000
Blood collection labour costs
3 000 Ft
Haemostasis/haemoclip and or injection
From 19 000 Ft

During the performance of some of our tests, our specialists may consider it professionally necessary to provide additional services. These may include histological sampling or removal of polyps. For information on the cost of these, please consult our full price list, our specialists or our call centre.

Our doctors in this centre

Dr. Alajos Takáts Ph.D.

Medical Director, Gastroenterologist, Endomedix Budapest

From 30,000 Ft


Dr. Melinda Hegedűs (Budapest)

Gastroenterologist, Endomedix Budapest/Dombóvár

From 30,000 Ft


Prof. Dr. Péter Kupcsulik Ph.D FACS

Surgeon, gastroenterologist, Endomedix Budapest

From 16,000 Ft


Dr. László Nehéz

Surgeon, Endomedix Budapest

26,000 Ft


Dr. Levente Onodi

Gastroenterologist, Endomedix Budapest

From 30,000 Ft


Dr. Judit Sebesi

Gastroenterologist, Endomedix Budapest

From 30,000 Ft


Dr. Valéria Sipos

Specialist in intestinal diseases, gastroenterology, plant medicine - Endomedix Budapest

From 23,000 Ft


Dr. Boglárka Suga

Gastroenterologist specialist, Endomedix Budapest

From 30,000 Ft


Dr. Árpád Tollas

Gastroenterologist, Endomedix Budapest

From 30,000 Ft


Dr. Mariann Vadnai PhD

Gastroenterologist, Endomedix Budapest

From 23,000 Ft


Dr. Judit Wacha

Gastroenterologist, Endomedix Budapest

From 30,000 Ft


Fanni Szandavári

Dietician, Endomedix Budapest XIII.

From 13,000 Ft


Other members of our team at this centre

Prof. Dr. Ákos Csomós

Dr. Máté Ézsiás

Dr. Eszter Nguyen-Farkas

Dr. Berta Gulyás

Dr. László Zsolt Horváth

Dr Petra Lakatos

Dr Tibor Pataki FRCA, DEAA

Dr. Balázs Szedlák

Dr. Bálint Tímár

Dr. Kálmán Zala

Szilvia Varga-Csuka

Ildikó Bajerle

Mrs Lászlóné Bakos

Zsuzsanna Galambos

Magdalena Ruzsa

Szabó Mária

Tünde Szakács

Mrs Béláné Szeles

Dr. Katalin Szénásiné Nácsa

Fédra Kollerits-Devecseri

Demeter Ivett

Krisztina Kovács-Leib

Aniko Rádi

Zsófia Kovács

Book an appointment with us!

Budapest, debrecen, dombóvári, Miskolc, szolnoki and Veszprém you can make an appointment at our centre on working days, Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00 by calling (1) 413-2500 or online - some examinations can be booked by appointment! Győri, Gyula, Sofia and mohácsi you can register by calling your local colleagues at our centre. Too complicated? See phone book or request a callback!

Procedure of the investigation

1 Book an appointment

2 Confirmation email

3 you will be notified by SMS or by phone call the day before the inspection

4 Patient information (if not coming for a consultation)

5 Arrive at the surgery at the appointed time

6 Satisfaction survey

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