H2-breath test

The H2, or hydrogen breath test, is a special test that can be carried out in centres equipped with special instruments.

The H2, or hydrogen exhalation test can detect several diseases and sensitivities depending on the test material used in the test. This test is performed by the Endomedix Budapest (XIII district)debrecendombóváriGyulaSofia and szolnoki in a specialised medical centre. For more information and to book an appointment, call 06 (1) 413-2500 our phone number!

What to know about the lactose intolerance tax credit

At the beginning of 2018, the condition for the issue of a medical certificate entitling to the tax reduction is the exclusion of curable intestinal infections in the case of lactose intolerance negative lactulose H2 breath test, and subsequently positive lactose H2 breath testYou can find a medical explanation here.

H2 exhalation test with fructose

fructose h2 exhalation test during the fructose intolerance, or fructose intolerance can be shown. If you experience regular unpleasant symptoms after eating fruit - cramping stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, bloating or diarrhoea - it is worth checking whether your symptoms are caused by a fructose intolerance.

H2 exhalation test with lactose

lactose h2 breath test a lactose intolerance, or lactose intolerance can be used to detect. Lactose - or milk sugar - is mainly found in milk and milk products, but can also be found in many other foods. This test should be performed if you experience unpleasant abdominal symptoms (stomach pain, bloating, intestinal cramps...) after consuming dairy products.

H2 exhalation test with lactulose

h2 exhalation test with lactulose the small intestine, which can be used to kill abnormally overgrown bacteria - i.e. contaminated small bowel syndrome - can be established indirectly.

However, be prepared for these tests to last up to 180 minutes and to follow certain special dietary habits before the test - see individual tests for more details.

Hydrogen evolution test - fructose (3 hours)

If you experience regular, unpleasant abdominal symptoms after eating fruit, it is worth checking whether your symptoms are caused by a fructose intolerance

Hydrogen breath test - lactose (3 hours)

A simple, painless way to diagnose lactose intolerance is to perform a so-called H2, or hydrogen breath test.

Hydrogen breath test - lactulose (3 hours)

This test detects the hydrogen produced by exposure to lactulose from the blown air using an instrumented method.

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