Miskolc Gastroenterology Centre

At the Endomedix Diagnostic Centre in Miskolc, we offer a wide range of gastroenterology services to our patients.
In the Miskolc centre of Hungary's first private endoscopy network, a nationally renowned team of Prof. Dr. Gábor Prónay's students is available to patients for the examination and treatment of gastric diseases. You can register for our examinations at online at or the (1) 413-2500 central telephone number.

Contact us

3525 Miskolc, Dózsa György út 12.


GPS: (48.1072082, 20.7785422)
Reservation: 06-1-413-2500


From April 2017 our centre moved to a new location, our previous address (Jókai u.) is no longer in operation!

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Our services, doctors and fees

Below you can see the services we offer and the doctors who work here. You can make an appointment for any examination or to see a doctor by clicking here, or the (1) 413-2500 phone number. Get to know our funding opportunities

Miskolc Gastroenterology Centre- Services / Prices



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ECG (12 leads)
5 000 Ft
Pre-endoscopy artifact consultation (without patient examination)
15 000 Ft
Pain relief with livopan (single test)
26 000 Ft
Pain relief with livopan (double test)
33 000 Ft
Prescribing advice
From 14 000 Ft
Polyp removal (total)
25 000 Ft
Recipe writing
From HUF 5 000
Sanitas Card
7 795 Ft
Second medical opinion
49 000 Ft
Pathology evaluation of tissue
From 24 000 Ft
Specialist evaluation of the histopathological result
15 000 Ft
Tus mark
From HUF 30 000
Haemostasis/haemoclip and or injection
From 19 000 Ft

During the performance of some of our tests, our specialists may consider it professionally necessary to provide additional services. These may include histological sampling or removal of polyps. For information on the cost of these, please consult our full price list, our specialists or our call centre.

Our doctors in this centre

Dr. Kristóf Tünde

Medical Director, Gastroenterologist, Endomedix Miskolc

From 29 000 HUF


Dr Grenda Andor

Gastroenterologist, Endomedix Miskolc

From 29 000 HUF


Dr. Barnabás Bakó

Endocrinologist, Endomedix Miskolc

From 17 500 Ft


Dr. Csaba Csongrádi

Gastroenterologist, Endomedix Miskolc

From 29 000 HUF


Dr. Zoltán Gábor

Gastroenterologist, Endomedix Miskolc

From 29 000 HUF


Dr. Lóránd Varga

Gastroenterologist, Endomedix Miskolc

From 29 000 HUF


Mrs Ferenc Váradi

Dietician, Endomedix Miskolc

19 000 Ft


Dr. Enikő Dénes

Diabetologist, Endomedix Miskolc

29 000 Ft


Other members of our team at this centre

Dr. Zita Kánya

Dr. József Makra

Dr. Attila Nagy

Dr. Ildikó Székely

Mrs Ferenc Sándor Trajter

Mrs Adrienn Bacskain Beluzsár

Andrea Horvát

Mrs Éva Török Kormos

Mrs Tibor Kristóf

Ms Anetta Bencsik

Tímea Csikos-Rendek

Eleonóra Forgács

Andrea Gerecs

Ágnes Homa

Erzsébet Szabó

Mrs Ferenc Bőcsi

Mrs Boros Irén Oláh

Katalin Csurkó

Mrs Beáta Szűcs Erősné

Mrs Éva Hajdú Kormos

Krisztina Huszárné Márkuly

Annamária Pavlikovics

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Budapest, debrecen, dombóvári, Miskolc, szolnoki and Veszprém you can make an appointment at our centre on working days, Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00 by calling (1) 413-2500 or online - some examinations can be booked by appointment! for Győr, Gyula, Sofia and for Mohács you can register by calling our local colleagues at our centre. Too complicated? See phone book or request a callback!

Procedure of the investigation

1 Book an appointment

2 Confirmation email

3 you will be notified by SMS or by phone call the day before the inspection

4 Patient information (if not coming for a consultation)

5 Arrive at the surgery at the appointed time

6 Satisfaction survey

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