The beauty queen has a food intolerance test

Olympic champion kayaker Rudolf Dombi and model Korinna Kocsis, winner of Miss Earth Hungary 2009, both came to Endomedix Gastroenterology Centre because they suspected that their digestive problems could be caused by food intolerance.

Their suspicions were confirmed: we carried out a food intolerance test, which gave a comprehensive picture of around 220 food staples and identified which foods were causing their problems. With the results, Endomedix's gastroenterology expert and dietician helped them both to find out what they could substitute in their daily lives for the ingredients they should avoid, and how they could get rid of the symptoms of food intolerance, which can manifest themselves in fatigue, sleeplessness and skin problems, without the need for medication.

Model and beauty queen Korinna Kocsis undergoes food intolerance test at Endomedix
"There is no embarrassing complaint worth carrying around for years instead of finding a solution!" - says model Korinna Kocsis, winner of Miss Earth Hungary 2009 and prom queen of Anna 2010, who reveals that she regularly struggled with bloating, stomach cramps and inability to rest after meals. She did not think she had a serious illness and her lab results were normal. Her unexplained symptoms led her to the Endomedix gastroenterology network, where a food intolerance test, which showed antibodies to around 220 foods, immediately revealed that milk, wheat, maize and egg white were the staple foods responsible for her symptoms, and that she should avoid carp. After consulting a specialist and a dietician, Korinna Kocsis is now choosing what she eats based on the results of the food intolerance test, so that she has a chance of resolving her agonising food intolerance symptoms without medication.

"It was a great decision to go to Endomedix: I was welcomed by professional professionals and a cultured environment, I didn't have to wait, and thanks to the food intolerance laboratory test, which gives a comprehensive picture of about 220 foods and ingredients, I found out which foods I should exclude from my diet to eliminate my complaints of bloating, stomach pain, fatigue and malaise. Instead of taking anti-bloating drugs and artificially suppressing the symptoms, I am convinced that it is worth investigating the complaints. Food intolerance can cause hundreds of symptoms, and if we know which foods make us sick, we can avoid them without medication," said Korinna Kocsis.