Endogol Macrogol 3350 4x colon cleansing liquid

Powder for internal suspension containing Macrogol 3350 for bowel cleansing prior to endoscopic examination. 1 box of the preparation contains 4 sachets of 60 g of Macrogol 3350 powder each, which can be used to prepare a pleasant, fruity-tasting emulsion by adding drinking water.

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Before endoscopic examinations, especially colonoscopies, a thorough bowel cleansing is needed, for which laxatives are usually not sufficient.

However, Endogol Macrogol 3350 4x Bowel Cleanser is an effective yet gentle way to cleanse your bowels before the test.


The product contains macrogol 3350, a neutral substance that is not absorbed from the intestines, does not irritate the mucous membrane, does not break down and is excreted from the digestive tract in unchanged form. Because it absorbs a lot of water, Endogol Macrogol 3350 4× Bowel Wash significantly increases the fluid content of the stool. As a result, it softens the stool and stimulates natural bowel movements.

Endogol Macrogol 3350 4x contains a total of 4 sachets, each containing 60 g of Macrogol 3350 powder, which can be added to drinking water to make a pleasant, fruity-tasting emulsion.


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