Founded in 2007 Endomedix Ltd. is one of the leading private gastroenterology providers in the country. With Endomedix centres across 9 locations in the country, a wide range of gastroenterology services are available to from consultations to complex, sophisticated interventions such as anaesthesia gastroscopies and colonoscopies.

From Endomedix In 2020, the company successfully applied for the VEKOP-1.2.6 scheme, which included the introduction of a new endoscopy system, new IT equipment and a new patient and resource management system at its Budapest site.

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Beneficiary: Endomedix Ltd.
Project name: Development of Endomedix Ltd. to help it adapt to modern business challenges.
Project code: VEKOP-1.2.6-20-2020-00324
Amount of aid to be conditionally reimbursed: HUF 50,5 million