Support for the development of complex corporate infocommunication and mobile solutions, cloud-based online business services at Endomedix Kft.

Founded in 2007 Endomedix Ltd. is one of the leading private gastroenterology providers in the country. With Endomedix centres across 9 locations in the country, a wide range of gastroenterology services are available to from consultations to complex, sophisticated interventions such as anaesthesia gastroscopies and colonoscopies.

From Endomedix currently make limited use of IT applications supporting modern enterprise process management and e-commerce, cloud-based business services available online. Our company aims to improve the efficiency of its work by developing its IT environment in line with the technological requirements and trends of the 21st century, by implementing an integrated ERP system and by improving the ICT support for its business processes. In terms of hardware tools, we have a modern and appropriate toolkit, but new tools will need to be acquired to support the improvements. Our primary objective is to improve the transparency and organisation of business processes, which can be greatly assisted by digital tools and solutions. Based on a preliminary survey, our colleagues are open to the use and adoption of cloud-based services. Our company has a website, but we are lagging behind in terms of online presence in terms of the latest solutions. Digital document management would speed up administrative tasks. For a corporate website, we expect it to have a modern, clean design and be responsive, i.e. usable on mobile devices. The online presence and its possible further enhancement should be a priority. Continuous monitoring of the different content indexing systems is also an aspect to be considered in case of market growth or profile expansion. Currently, workflows are done on paper and in Excel spreadsheets in parallel, the development of a more complex workflow system (ERP) with other extended functionalities, including CRM, would be much needed. In order to meet the growing customer demand, it is highly effective to use a CRM system to keep and manage customer data and related activities. The detailed technical content of the project is presented in the quotation. The following functional areas will be developed. Server 1 notebook 5 desktop computers 5 Android phones 2 iPhone phones 2 printers 3 printers. Including costs for additional professional implementation services and training related costs.

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Beneficiary: Endomedix Ltd.
Project name: Supporting the distribution of complex corporate infocommunication and mobile developments, cloud-based online business services at Endomedix Kft.
Project code: GINOP-3.2.2-8-2-4-16-2017-00751
Planned completion date of the project: 2021.10.13
Amount awarded: 15 701 935 .- HUF
Amount of loan granted: 19 627 418 .- HUF
Total project cost39 254 847 .- HUF
Implementation site: 8600 Siófok, Semmelweis utca 1.