Founded in 2007 Endomedix Ltd. is one of the leading private gastroenterology providers in the country. With Endomedix centres across 9 locations in the country, a wide range of gastroenterology services are available to from consultations to complex, sophisticated interventions such as anaesthesia gastroscopies and colonoscopies.

From Endomedix is well known for its health promotion and prevention programmes, with around 9,600 patients having participated in the company's home colorectal cancer screening programme.

From Endomedix is also the unquestioned leader in the field of food intolerance tests We have so far tested more than 10,000 patients with our food intolerance machine - more than all Endomedix competitors combined.

Building on our expertise in the field of food intolerance, we moved towards new areas of development and, following our successful participation in the GINOP-2.1.2 call, in March 2018 we started the development of a new innovative dietary supplement formulation, including the detailed development of the formulation and manufacturing technology, the first notification for the European Union countries and the conduct of a comprehensive clinical trial to demonstrate efficacy.

From Endomedix research on two sites ended on 19 December 2020, and you can find the results of the project through a variety of channels (events, print and digital press, our websites and professional articles). If you have any questions about the project, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact!

Beneficiary: Endomedix Ltd.
Project name: Development and clinical testing of an innovative nutritional supplement
Project code: GINOP-2.1.2-8-1-4-16-2017-00109
Amount of non-refundable aid: HUF 127,83 million
Amount of aid to be recovered: HUF 81,35 million