Painless mirroring in 7 locations around the country

Painless examinations Our patients don't even feel a thing: the Endomedix network of private specialists now offers gastroscopy and colonoscopy under short anaesthesia in 7 cities across the country.

Colonoscopy and gastroscopy are unpleasant procedures, which can be performed under general anaesthesia at our centre - in this case the patient does not experience the discomfort of the examination and does not remember the examination itself. It is important to note that, unlike many other private endoscopy providers, we do not perform our endoscopies under anaesthesia, which is an outdated method, but we use deep propofol sedation, which we have found to be the only way to ensure painlessness for the entire duration of the examination. The patient is then "asleep" in a much deeper state, and his "sleep" is monitored by an experienced anaesthetist and an anaesthetist assistant equipped with the appropriate equipment.

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