H2 breath test now also in Siófok

The H2, or Hydrogen Exhalation Test, is a painless, non-interventional test for several diseases and sensitivities. As the test requires a special instrument, this test has so far only been available at Endomedix Budapest (XIII district) and debrecen was carried out at our headquarters. These centres will be joined from 12 February 2021 by the Endomedix Siófok is.

H2 exhalation test with fructose

A fructose h2 exhalation test during the fructose intolerance, or fructose intolerance can be shown. If you experience regular unpleasant symptoms after eating fruit - cramping stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, bloating or diarrhoea - it is worth checking whether your symptoms are caused by a fructose intolerance.

H2 exhalation test with lactose

A lactose h2 breath test a lactose intolerance, or lactose intolerance can be used to detect. Lactose - or milk sugar - is mainly found in milk and milk products, but can also be found in many other foods. This test should be performed if you experience unpleasant abdominal symptoms (stomach pain, bloating, intestinal cramps...) after consuming dairy products.

H2 exhalation test with lactulose

A h2 exhalation test with lactulose the small intestine, which can be used to kill abnormally overgrown bacteria - i.e. contaminated small bowel syndrome - can be established indirectly.

However, be prepared for these tests to last up to 180 minutes and to follow certain special dietary habits before the test - see individual tests for more details.