The world fitness champion struggled with food intolerance

For years, world fitness champion Cecília Tóth had been struggling with bloating and acne, and had tried many remedies before the Endomedix diagnostic centre discovered that her problems were caused by a food intolerance, which she managed to eliminate without medication.

Cecília Tóth, multiple national and international fitness champion and 2016 world champion, has had a difficult life for years due to her digestive problems and skin problems: she went from doctor to doctor, took many medications, tried many natural methods, but they did not bring any results.

- My skin was puffy and acne-prone, and even with a disciplined lifestyle I couldn't prevent myself from gaining 3-5 kilos. I had a complete internal and dermatological examination, laboratory tests, but no explanation was found. I tried everything from colon hydrotherapy to blood group diets, and I even ate vegetarian for a while, but the problems could not be solved," says Cecília Tóth. What made a difference was when she heard about the complete food intolerance test, available at Endomedix specialist medical centres nationwide, which involves laboratory testing for more than 220 antibodies in the blood. He received a detailed, itemised laboratory assessment which revealed that he was sensitive to milk protein, egg protein and sunflower seeds.

- I was eating a lot of egg whites because of sport, which I found out through food intolerance testing was not good for me. I didn't use sunflower oil, but if I didn't eat at home, I couldn't control what oil they used to prepare my food. But until the lab test, it never occurred to me that these ingredients were the cause of my complaints! I suspected milk, so I looked for lactose-free milk and products for a while, but it turned out that my problem was not with lactose, i.e. milk sugar, but with milk protein, which is present in lactose-free products," says Cecília Tóth.

Following a comprehensive food intolerance test by Endomedix, the athlete changed his diet, omitting the ingredients indicated by the laboratory.

- At first my bloating complaints were relieved, then after a few weeks my facial skin cleared up and my acne disappeared - reports Cecília Tóth about her experiences. The athlete, who also works as a professional coach and lifestyle consultant, has since then used her own experience to recommend that athletes and those who want to be active for their health should take the Endomedix food intolerance test.

- In athletes, the condition of the digestive system can also affect performance. At the same time, it is important not only for athletes not to suffer from complaints that can be avoided with care and without medication - says Cecília Tóth.

Earlier, Olympic champion kayaker Rudolf Dombi, who also had a similar experience to the world fitness champion, reported on the Endomedix food intolerance testing provided help.