The beauty queen has a food intolerance test

Olympic champion kayaker Rudolf Dombi and model Korinna Kocsis, winner of Miss Earth Hungary 2009, both came to Endomedix Gastroenterology Centre because they suspected that their digestive problems could be caused by food intolerance.

New surgery in Debrecen

A new gastroenterology clinic was inaugurated on Tuesday in Debrecen. The Endomedix centre, located at 28 Nyugati utca, aims to facilitate the prevention, screening and treatment of diseases such as colorectal cancer, lactose intolerance and fructose intolerance.

The world fitness champion struggled with food intolerance

For years, world fitness champion Cecília Tóth had been struggling with bloating and acne, and had tried many remedies before the Endomedix diagnostic centre discovered that her problems were caused by a food intolerance, which she managed to eliminate without medication.

Dr. Ákos Csomós at work

Dr. Ákos Csomós, chief anaesthesiologist at the Honvédkórház and anaesthesiologist at our Budapest centre, was featured on Echo TV Klinika in May 2017. The interesting thing about the programme, which presents a day in the life of the chief doctor, is that from the 11th minute onwards we can see the Endomedix Budapest centre.

Food intolerance price changes

We would like to inform our dear patients that from 1 July 2018 the fee for the Food Intolerance machine test will increase from HUF 54.900,- to HUF 59.900,-, while the fee for the Food Intolerance Express machine test will increase from HUF 69.900,- to HUF 74.900,-.

An educational report on food intolerance

Hungarian Television's magazine programme Életkor (Age of Life) filmed at the Endomedix Diagnostic Centre in Budapest to present the characteristics of food intolerance. It turned out that even in the background of symptoms seemingly unrelated to digestion, it is worth thinking about food intolerance as a possible trigger.

There are many types of food intolerance

Food intolerance is not a single disease, it can have several subtypes, and virtually any food can cause food intolerance, according to an interview with Dr. Alajos Takáts, Medical Director of Endomedix Diagnostic Centres.