Bile inflammation

Biliary inflammation - gallbladder inflammation is a disease associated with gallstones in most cases, in which inflammation caused initially by a sterile chemical irritation is later accompanied by purulent inflammation after bacterial overgrowth.

From bile inflammation a condition accompanied by bile spasms, vomiting, fever and requiring hospitalisation. Often requires an acute surgical solution: conventional or laparoscopic removal of the gall bladderot.
If acute surgery is out of the question, it is recommended that, following medication and at the planned time, the gall bladder to carry out the removal of.
From epebiliary tract infection is a serious, life-threatening condition resulting from an ascending infection of the bile ducts. It is characterised by fever, jaundice and abdominal pain below the right costal arch.
From bile inflammation treatment requires elimination of the underlying cause (e.g. gallstones) and antibiotic therapy.