Gallbladder inflammation

Gallbladder inflammation - gallbladder inflammation is a disease associated with gallstones in the majority of cases, where inflammation is initially caused by a sterile chemical irritation and is later accompanied by purulent inflammation after bacterial overgrowth.

From gallbladder inflammation a condition accompanied by bile spasms, vomiting, fever and requiring hospitalisation. Often requires an acute surgical solution: conventional or laparoscopic removal of the gall bladderot.
If acute surgery is not an option, it is advisable to have the gallbladder removed at the planned time, following medication.
Idiopathic gallbladder inflammation may be symptom-free, but recurrent, less intense Epelandscape complaints.
From gallbladder inflammation surgical solution is recommended because in the long term it increases the risk of gall bladderthe risk of developing cancer.

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