Location and structure of bile

Location and structure of bile - the gallbladder (vesica fellea/biliaris) is a greenish, pear-shaped, odd-shaped, hollow organ located under the liver that stores bile produced by the liver and needed for digesting fats between meals.

From Epe The parts of the gallbladder are the fundus vesicae biliaris (the fundus of the biliary vesicles), the body (corpus vesicae biliaris; cylindrical, tapering towards the neck), the infundibulum (the funnel-shaped part between the body and the neck of the gallbladder), the neck (collum vesicae biliaris; cylindrical, 1-7 mm long), and the ductus cysticus (the gall bladderthe main Bile ductswith).
The spiral folds of mucous membrane in the neck and the initial part of the ductus cysticus are called Heiser's valves.
This is not a real, but only a functional sphincter, as the closing function is provided by the specific arrangement of the mucous membrane.

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