Liver - the liver's main function is to detoxify, but it also plays an important role in removing and/or activating many hormones/enzymes, although only some of these have a role in digestion.

A Mayhas a dual blood supply. After being absorbed through the intestinal wall, nutrients pass through the portal vein system to the Mayba (portal vein, vena portae).

A Mayartery (arteria hepaticia) and the Mayplays a role in the vascular supply of tissue. A Mayportal blood is processed in two ways: bacteria and other foreign substances absorbed by the gut are filtered out, or some of the nutrients absorbed by the gut are further broken down so that they can be used by the body.

A Mayproduces about half of the cholesterol the body needs, the rest comes from food. A Mayproduces bile, which plays an essential role in fat digestion.