Liver disease symptoms, treatment

Symptoms and treatment of liver disease - there is no other organ that causes as many symptoms as liver disease.

Livermay be a sign of the following symptoms: jaundice, liver pain, fatigue, drowsiness, skin itching, skin bleeding, haemophilia, fever, fever, bloating, abdominal pain, ascites, increased intestinal gas production, musculoskeletal complaints, joint pain, neurological symptoms (neuropathy, confusion, irritability, coma, mental deterioration), menstrual disorders, impotence, gastrointestinal bleeding, weight loss, appearance of subcutaneous oedema, rapid heartbeat, sweet breath, taste disturbance.

with Liverexternal signs of the disease are also varied: yellow skin colour, starbursts on the skin, redness of the soles of the feet and palms, red-glowing tongue, thin-sensitive skin, skin haemorrhages, white fingernails, drumstick finger, watch-glass nails, yellowish cholesterol deposits under the skin, enlargement of the breasts, masculine breasts becoming feminine, dilated abdominal veins, appearance of abdominal hernias, appearance of palmar contractures.

with Livertreatment of liver disease can be divided into two main types: overt treatment, where the underlying cause of liver disease is known, and symptomatic treatment, where the symptoms of liver failure are treated. A Livercan be treated by surgical (liver resection, liver transplantation), invasive radiological (alcohol injection, radiofrequency or thermotherapy) and oncological (chemotherapy) means.

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