Symptoms and treatment of oral diseases

Symptoms and treatment of oral diseases - Oral diseases can cause symptoms and complaints, but they can also be hidden for a long time.

For the latter reason, regular screening is important. Symptoms can vary: pain, swelling, bleeding, bad breath, plaque on the tongue, visible lesions, lumps that can be felt with the tongue or fingers.

Chewing and swallowing may be impaired, or speech and voice production may be impaired. In case of such complaints, consult a doctor or dentist immediately.

with Oral cavityhe treatment of these diseases depends essentially on the type of disease and its underlying cause. Dental diseases are treated by dental procedures (filling, root canal treatment, tooth extraction, etc.).

In the case of inflammation of the oral mucosa, the main focus is on treating the underlying cause (dental disease, immunodeficiency, infection).

Treatment of cancerous lesions is a surgical and/or radiological and/or oncological task: it usually requires the work of an oncoteam.

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