Oesophagitis - oesophagitis can be pathologically caused by infectious agents (bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic), chemical agents (acid and alkali poisoning, drugs), irradiation, and most commonly by gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.

It can develop completely without symptoms or complaints, but it can also cause typical (Food-pipeburns, acid reflux, upper abdominal pain) or atypical symptoms (coughing, tooth decay, pharyngitis, asthma symptoms, recurrent pneumonia, sinusitis, dysphagia, iron deficiency anaemia, ear pain, increased salivation).

Difficulty swallowing, bleeding, painful swallowing can always be a sign of serious complications, so seek medical advice immediately if they occur.

Occasionally, the above symptoms may also occur when the Food-pipeno abnormalities suggestive of inflammation can be confirmed. These cases are called non-erosive reflux disease.

Its development is influenced by individual peculiarities (hypersensitivity of the mucous membranes, the Food-pipephysical inactivity, eating habits).

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