Esophageal diseases symptoms, treatment

Feed tubesymptoms and treatment of diseases - the esophaguscan develop without any symptoms or complaints, but can also cause typical (esophagusburns, acid reflux, upper abdominal pain) or atypical symptoms (coughing, tooth decay, pharyngitis, asthma symptoms, recurrent pneumonia, sinusitis, dysphagia, iron deficiency anaemia, ear pain, increased salivation).

Difficulty swallowing, bleeding, painful swallowing, weight loss are always signs of serious complications, so seek medical advice immediately if they occur.

A esophagustreatment of diseases depends on the disease itself. Inflammatory, ulcerative lesions can be treated with medication, stubborn cases with laparoscopic surgery.

Tumours are treated by endoscopy and/or surgery, which may be complemented by radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy if necessary.

A esophagusdiseases can be treated with various dilatation procedures, which can be performed endoscopically or, in some diseases, the patient can be taught to perform them at home.

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