Esophagus location, structure

Esophagus location, structure - the esophagus (oesophagus, bargaining) is located in the midline of the chest.

with Food-pipeis located in the cervical region behind the trachea, to the left of the main landing vertebra. From here it descends forward and slightly to the left. It is closely attached to both lobes of the thyroid gland and the common carotid artery.

with Food-pipeis located backwards and slightly to the left of the trachea in the chest. At the height of the tracheal bifurcation (bifurcatio tracheae), the main artery, which until then ran in front, runs to the left and back laterally, and in the process briefly presses the left edge of the oesophagus.

with Food-pipecan be divided into three stages: the cervical or upper, middle and lower. The middle third is the longest and the lower third the shortest.

It is made up of, from the inside outwards, a multilayered non-scarring squamous epithelium, the mucosal layer of the mucosa, the submucosal connective tissue layer, the outer muscle layer (consisting of an inner circular and an outer longitudinal muscle layer) and the connective tissue layer covering the muscle layer.

It has a complex arterial and venous network, with an abundant lymphatic supply. It is innervated by the vagus nerve and the sympathetic nervous system.

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