Location and structure of the large intestine

Location and structure of the large intestine - the large intestine is a section of the intestine located in the abdominal cavity, extending from the iliac to the anus.

A small intestineis opened via the Bauhin valve coloninto the lower part of the right side of the appendix. From here, a blind duct opens into the appendix, whose inflammation is colloquially misnamed appendicitis.

The appendix is upwards, the Mayis called the ascending colon. It continues (transversum) through the hepatic flexure (flexura hepatica) to the left splenic flexure (flexura lienalis). colonwhich is followed by the S-shaped sigmoid colon and then the rectumand the anusfollowed.

A colonresembles a muscular-walled tube with the following wall layers: mucosal layer, submucosal connective tissue layer, circular and longitudinal muscle layers, and the outer peritoneal plate.

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