Location of the pancreas

Location of the pancreas - the pancreas is a whitish-pink, elongated glandular organ located on the posterior wall of the abdominal cavity in the retroperitoneum, at the level of the lumbar vertebrae 1 and 2.

with Pancreasthe broadest part of the head, which is fused to the horseshoe casing by connective tissue, lying in its oblique position.

The head continues obliquely upwards, from right to left, in the pancreatic body anterior to the main abdominal aorta, and then ends in the tail without any noticeable difference.

Its downward and leftward curving extension is the processus uncinatus, which follows the lower horizontal stem of the horseshoe casing.

with Pancreasanterior surface adjacent to the horseshoe Small intestine (flexura duodenojejunalis), the small intestine and the
through the bursa omentalis (large intestine between the stomach and the Stomachthe posterior surface of the caecum, the intestinal flap of the transverse colon (mesocolon transversum), and the left side of the left colon at the transverse colon-duodenum border below the spleen Large intestine with a bend (flexura coli sinistra).

The posterior surface of the head of the gland lies adjacent to the right branch of the diaphragm and the inferior vena cava inferior.

Behind it, down along the right-hand edge, runs the common Bile ducts(ductus choledochus), to the mid-height of the descending duodenal stalk (pars descendens duodeni), where it is joined by the main duct of the gland, the ductus pancreaticus major, and together they enter the duodenum, where they open into the intestinal cavity through the papilla duodeni major (papilla Vateri).

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