Pancreas diet

Pancreatic diet - the role of diet in pancreatic disease is of particular importance.

Pancreatitisfor days or even weeks to prevent the patient from eating, in order to prevent pancreasexcitement.

In this case, either intravenous or deep in the small intestineprovide adequate energy and nutrient intake through the administration of nutrients.

Heveny pancreas
it is important to introduce a slowly built-up diet. After a few days of starvation, the patient should initially eat only biscuits and sweet tea.

This is followed by the introduction of easily digestible carbohydrate foods (compotes, steamed vegetables, rice) and lean white meats (steamed fish, steamed chicken). The introduction of fats is recommended at the latest.

It is very important to maintain total abstinence from alcohol.
In cases of chronic pancreatitis, the daily diet should contain 25% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbohydrate.