Gastric acid

Stomach acid - the main cells of the stomach lining cells secrete pepsinogen, which, when activated, produces pepsin.

It is a protein-degrading enzyme. Adrenal cells are located on the surface of the glandular ducts and in the neck and produce mucus (mucin), which is Stomachhas a role in protecting the wall.

The cover cells (false cells, parietal cells) are induced by pentagstrin Stomachproduce acid (hydrochloric acid) and intrinsic factor.

G cells produce and store gastrin, an endogenous regulatory hormone, and are located in the middle third of the glands.

The so-called GEP cells are located at the base of the glands. A Stomach ingested food is homogenised by peristaltic movement, hydrochloric acid produced reduces the number of bacteria, and pepsin starts digesting proteins in the acidic medium.

Some nutrients are absorbed in the stomach.

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