Stomach ulcer treatment

Treatment of gastric ulcers - as the development of gastric and duodenal ulcers is a stomach acid-dependent process, medicines that reduce gastric acid secretion are the mainstay of treatment.

These are the most commonly used proton pump inhibitor drugs today, but so-called histamine receptor blockers are also often recommended.

Mucous membrane-sparing coating agents and acid-neutralising antacids can only be used as symptomatic therapy and are much less effective.

Since the Stomach- Helicobacter pylori infection is the underlying cause of most duodenal ulcers, and a 7-14 day course of complex antibiotic treatment (mainly by histological detection) is considered if it is diagnosed.

An important basic rule is that stomach ulcers at a specified time (4-6 weeks after the first examination, then at 3 and sometimes 6 months), repeat Gastroscopy is necessary, since the stomach ulcers there is a risk of cancerous degeneration.

Control in case of duodenal ulcer Gastroscopyis only needed in exceptional cases.

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