Stomach ulcer symptoms

Peptic ulcer symptoms - Peptic ulcers are characterised by dull, crushing pain in the upper abdomen after eating, which may radiate to the left back.

A Stomach the pain is relieved as it is emptied. A stomach ulcersis often accompanied by nausea and food vomiting. As the patient is afraid of eating, weight loss is a common phenomenon.

Symptoms of digestive disorders (i.e. dyspepsia) are often present: early feeling of fullness, fullness, bloating.

In duodenal ulcers, it is more likely to be hunger pains. The pain is sharp, burning, in the abdomen and under the right ribcage.

Temporary relief with food, followed by Stomach will reappear after it has been emptied.

The patient has difficulty tolerating starvation. Acid vomiting is common, but dyspeptic symptoms are less frequent.

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